Finding the route to uncovered areas of Mapillary

Here’s the workflow on the video and the links

Calculate route at:

Mapillary raster layer address to add as overlay on BROUTER:{z}/{x}/{y}.png



I was afraid that that layer would be old, but it is not.

The Mapillary plugin in osmand has advantages, but it cannot be toggled by means of an action button.
A layer can be toggled quickly.

Thank you @nunocaldeira , that solves a question I had only just started to formulate.
One useful addition to the overlay would be to highlight (using a different colour) ways where photos were taken more than a user specified number of years ago, please. That way I can, after covering all the ways which were never pictured, add newer imagery, for example five years after the original images were taken?

Hi, glad it help. I suggested that to Mapillary, having multiple rasters depending on the the imagery age. Sure it will be available soon


Nuno, would you be posting here when the rasters depending in imagery date become available, please?

Is it possible to download only 360° raster layer?

Thanks so much, i’ll try this later today…

Hi Nuno,

Did Mapillary ever get around to publishing rasters showing only yoiunger images?

And while we’re at it, it would be helpful - at least in almost completely photographed areas - if only the roads never / not recently covered - were on the raster.

Looking forward,

think not :thinking: