New Mapillary TMS url?


I had been using Brouter web + Mapillary overlay to plan routes to optimize picture taking (as suggested here). Alas, the Mapillary coverage map they offer is broken. The same feature can be used within Osmand. While it still works in Osmand (using a vector service), the TMS service is still usefull for a more zoomed out view.

The announcement from 2016 is still online, though the previously working implementation used another URL ({z}/{x}/{y}.png). Any news on whether or when this is coming back?


Dear @JoostJakob,

Thank you for highlighting this,

Became an avid user of Brouter, firstly because it allows to add an almost infinite number of waypoints to fine-tune the planned route, also because the Mapillary overlay made it easier to spot (thus omiit) ways that had been documented recently. You’ll all appreciate that my reason to contribute to Mapillary is to assist the people editing OpenStreetMap by providing views where the streetscape has changed, to augment aerial imagery.

There would be one addition I’d appreciate once the feed is restored : that one can leverage Mapillary’s date filter in order that -in the densely photographed area where I roam- older imagery can be filtered out, thus update roads where no Mapilllarian passed in recent years.

What would be really great : Mapillary’s green dot tracks highlighting roads which weren’t recently documented - including roads which were never covered - the detour to include ‘blank’ ways is usually negligible, thus a minor effort to improve OpenStreetMap. .

HEADS UP to anyone now poised to inform that old imagery may still be totally fine : it frequently isn’t, as the regional government has over the past half-a-dozen years re-arranged hundreds of roads, added cycleways, converted 90km/h rural roads to 30km/h cycle streets, calmed traffic with chicanes and traffic cushions, designated Living streets; hundreds of new housing estates sprang up to replace aging and energy inefficient housing stock, thus imagery just a few years old can be totally out of date.

Met vriendelijke groet, (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’),


With the massive increase in imagery capture in Belgium, having a tms url so it can indeed be integrated into things like brouter. Would make it much easier to plan routes on where to go capture next. Please mapillary, make it happen!