Routing + mapillary coverage

Thanks to a tweet by MapAmore, TIL that it is again possible to plan a route online while avoiding roads already covered by Mapillary footage. Mind you, it’s not an automated process, just a map overlay.

Go to BRouter web client, click on the map layers button , open the “more” cogs button, and scroll down quite a bit to the Overlays>Worldwide to active the Mapillary option. Once you did that, scroll back to the top and activate the overlay. Next time you visit the site, you will be able to skip the first step.

The only other way to do something similar that I’m aware of is within the OsmAnd app. There you need to activate the Mapillary plugin to do this. The big plus in OsmAnd is that you have a few filters available.

I’m still missing a feature to use custom filters or the “colored by age” style. And especially practical would be a routing algorithm that automatically avoids roads already covered.


Dear @joostjakob
You are aiming high, asking for an algorithm which avoids roads already covered ; my request would be that logged-in Mapillary users can use the filter in Mapillary/app to exclude oldest imagery, then ‘export’ or so the roads not recently covered to overlay the Brouter/web map : that way it’d be far easier to plan a route in my already densely pictured area.

What I want is a mapillary coverage map that shows the direction of existing photos, maybe by replacing the green circle with a green arrow.

Then I could see which way down the road is needed.


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