Route planning app, anyone?

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I’m trying to fill in all the remaining unmapped roads in my local area (and minimising going over the roads already mapped) and using Google Maps to plan where to go is quite difficult. Yes, I can add waypoints between A and B, but it doesn’t permit more than 10 or so waypoints and the process is cumbersome.

Ideally, what I’m after is an app where I can somehow ‘draw’ the roads I want to drive and then save it as a path and then when I’m in the car, it’ll navigate the path from start to finish.

Does such an app exist?

Yes, it’s like the Travelling Salesman problem but I’m not aware any TS algorithm where you can feed in a map and it outputs the optimum route to take.



I use to plan my routes, but never exported it yet.



Thanks for your reply.

How do you then make use of the route that you planned when driving? Can it be imported to a navigation app?


you can export the route as a track of GPX data, any good nav app should be able to import that track. But I never did that, I remember most of it, leftovers seen live on mobile wiht osmand/oruxmaps.


You can manually draw routes and then export as gpx files with JOSM. Nice because you can overlay Mapillary on top of imageries. JOSM is of course an OpenStreetMap editor, so make sure you don’t upload your drawing. As for the navigation app, I’d recommend OsmAnd.

Thanks all for your replies and this is what I managed to do so far:

  1. Planned the route on
  2. Export the route as GPX.
  3. Converted into KML using and saved the KML file.
  4. In Google Maps website, selected Your Places, selected Maps and Create Map.
  5. Then click Import under Untitled Map-Untitled Layer, and select the ML file then give it a name to the new map.
  6. Finally, open Google Maps app on the mobile, selected Your Places, Maps and then select the map that was created in the previous step.

This way, I can now at least see a static route map that I’m going to drive on Google Maps app, and using my current position indicator (blue dot) on the map, I can at least drive the roads which needs mapping, albeit without voice navigation.

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Use OSMand or OSMand+. They have a Mapillary overlay. Calculate the route prior (where’s no Mapillary coverage), use voice indications for navigation. Check this


Can you provide more details on this step? A route could be relatively complex if you are trying to cover a bunch of unmapped roads scattered throughout an area. just add waypoints along the route to adjust it to mapillary coverage

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I wonder if there is a way to programmatically determine if a way in openstreetmap has Mapillary coverage. As far as I know, they’re not linked, just overlaid.

I believe this is only available in the android versions of OsmAnd :slightly_frowning_face:

I just confirmed on my iPad and you can do it on iOS too

Most certainly.
I hope that all that programming for the coverage competitions will lead to something useful.

Do you mean the mapillary overlay? I can’t find it in my Osmand, even after the update

not really the overlay, just the plugin

Sorry,my bad. The plugin is indeed not available on iOS version of the app. Recommend using the other workflow to make a route on that website and then export to GPX.

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I’ll probably go the easy way and just have a separate device with the mapillary map

Which is usually the older device. OSMAND does not work well any more on my older device.
I need to see the current track AND the Mapillary layer.

Somewhere I read about a GitHub project that was for directing users to areas without images, but I can’t find it. I did find this forum post with lots of good ideas and website links. Which areas to map? How to get it?

hi guys, i just shared this workaround. hope it helps Finding the route to uncovered areas of Mapillary

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