Feature request: Show not-yet uploaded images on map while capturing

I’m someone who doesn’t drive a specific route most of the time but just drives into an area with bad coverage and goes the ways that haven’t been captured yet; and I’d love a feature where I can see where I’ve driven before but haven’t uploaded yet. I think the easiest would be to just find a way to display the GPX tracks in the /Android/data/app.mapillary/files/mapillary/ folders on the map.

I often take random turns and ways I don’t know and I often don’t remember if I’ve captured a way before or not. It’d be helpful if I could see that on the map while in capture mode.


Possibly a duplicate of Feature request: add captured but not uploaded tracks ?

Ah I see. Didn’t see that thread.
Guess I’ll go with osmand aswell, although I would prefer it to be integrated into the Mapillary app.