How to make a GPX?

Time has come that the ungreen roads are on the road to extinction.
In OSMAND it is possible to make a GPX with ungreen roads directly. I have no tablet, and that is not practical on a smartphone.
Does anyone a way to do it on a computer ?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do. I gets the concept of making a gpx with all roads that are not mapped by Mapillary. But I cannot see how you can make such a GPX in OSMAND. Would you try to elaborate, e.g. explain what you can do in OSMAND to make such a GPX?

I have no time at this moment, but I remember it from a lesson I had. It must be a plugin. Did you not find it in the Help ?

I have not seen such a plugin or feature in OSMAND (thus it may exist anyway). It have just gotten a Mapillary plugin, that shows where there are taken pictures. OSMAND can also record a gpx-track of where you have been (using a plugin).

As I understand, you needs a gpx-file that essentially shows all paths from OSM where there are NO Mapillary pictures? That is pretty hard to make, because pictures are not tied to a particular path. Usually they overlap it pretty well, if both the map and GPS are accurate.

What do you need such a gpx-file for? Why would a map with Mapillary sequences not do it? Perhaps I can figure something out that will help.

I have a Python script that creates a gpx-file with all Mapillary sequences for an area ( in

OK, I am not sure if it is making a GPX file, but it is at least making a navigation with intermediate stops. As I would use it on OSMAND, this comes to the same.

OSMAND can use external GPX files.

It is correct that OSMAND can navigate where you specify a number of waypoints in a sequence and it can navigate along the path of a gpx-file. I have not seen the navigation coorporate with Mapillary to e.g. navigate to non mapped areas.

As far as I know there is no automatic help to find or navigate non mapped areas.

But one could run through OSM data from an area and compare it to sequences on Mapillarys and make waypoints or gpxpoints on paths that are not within a certain distance form a Mapillary image. Making a good optimized route is probably not easy, but it should be doable.

This Github project was recently brought to my attention, this sounds like something you are looking for. It’s still in the beginning stages, but will be helpful.