Download GPX tracks


I really miss the link to download the gpx file from a sequence. Can you please include it on the site again? I use it to add tracks and roads in open street map after shooting them with Mapillary. It’s the perfect combination of tools. :smile:


The legacy site still has it

You are aware of the normal way to use mly in ID or JOSM ?

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Maybe, in your case, seeing your profile picture, you could also use

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Don’t know what my profile picture tells you but this was a good tip.

Your GPX and everyone’s GPX is yet visible for anyone when OSM editing . Look at the mly blog.

Does that mean that I can download the gpx file and import it into Viewranger?

Hum, this becomes hard. You could look for the date of the photo and in the legacy website, in the profile of that user look for that date, a tedious job. There you can do a download.

In the JOSM mly plugin it is possible to filter and download pictures.
That probably also is a workaround to obtain gpx files.

Is the gpx export working currently? I get “no file” error for my sequences.