Download GPX of my sequences

Hello. How can I easily download a gpx file with the sequences I already uploaded - a kind of “my contributions” file ? I want to know where I’ve been in order to plan better where to go.
Thank you.

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Besides of using the API to get your data you can use the blue selection “My coverage” on the website:


Thanks Moenk. But I would like to export the gpx, not only to display the sequences in Mapillary.
And I don’t know how to use the API. I’m not a developer.

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Coming back to the original question - you can’t download a GPX. Not from the web app and not from the API.
There is a (not exactly straighforward) way to download the data from the API, filter it and convert the result to GPX. The problem is that there is no server-side filtering so you have to download all the tiles in the area. You can start with different zoom level and filter from there, but due to generalization methods you might lose shorter segments this way. Either way, if you are not into coding and fiddling with query parameters, this solution is not for you. Such is life.

@vbombaerts Hi Vincent, I would recommend extracting to a GPX file from the imagery before you dispose of them. What is the original video or a batch of jpg’s?

Hello @JoscTr I upload jpg’s, but I delete the files once they are uploaded.

You can try this:[your user name]

For example:

It’s ugly and slow, but may generate a GPX that might resemble tracks of queried user.

Thank you @jorrarro
Right now the gpx only includes a small part of my sequences (17). But some are processing. I will give it another try when all are loaded.

The background code needs to be rewritten, some parts do not work as intended.

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This my version, how i do when want to know where is blind Mapillary areas.
See bellow in pic.

Thanks for sharing @kasparskk
But I don’t use my phone when I capture pictures. I rather want to plan a bike trip with existing bike planning application like Komoot or Strava.

I see in my option, better and esay is Plan route in OSM app in phone (it is super easy, just draw line yor route, its snaps to existing roads), not in Komoot…


My script is here:

It follows the tile structure and checks if user has data in that area. Output is GeoJSON, but that can be simply converted to GPX (via OGR2OGR, QGIS or whatever). It can be altered to also filter by time.

Since it’s equal to zooming down to certain level and scrolling through all tiles, it’s rather slow - many minutes per user. So it’s not very good for web.