Can someone send me sample images

I’m looking to do a tutorial with an OSM team for mapillary but since I don’t have a GoPro I’d like to get a sample video to demonstrate uploading such data

Did you considered using your Smartphone with Mapillary android app? Or recycling the mapillary docs / screenshots?

I already have sample data from my phone the goal is to show people how to upload a GoPro video and ideally we would do it with a video demonstration

uploading video to mapillary, unless it’s from a dashcam, is not a very beginner-friendly process.
You are better off with sequence capture

My previous message with a good link was deleted.

I used the f word in a polite way.

In the past we just said “rtfm”.

@filipc: If I understand @Ferdi correctly he/she doesn’t need information about the process, but a sample video with embedded GPX data…

With my link to the right place in the manual he could have asked the correct question.
I am almost sure he wants e.g. three folders with each 999 pictures as the Gopro Hero 7 does.
BUT, these pictures should not have been uploaded to Mapillary yet.

@filipc: @Ferdi mentions a ‘sample video’, so I think he/she does not want any images…

Yes I wanted a video and thankfully I have been sent one via a private Message.

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