TrailBlazer for Mapillary?


Perhaps the appearance of an application similar to this for Mapillary?
The TrailBlazer app is used to publish videos and photos from GoPro Fusion 360 to Google map in Google Streetview.


Well, the Uploader app released recently is quite close, albeit without the video upload functionality (yet).
Also not sure how much in the way of prerequisite exif this streetview app requires, and how much data is funneled away to google


This application downloads 360 video from GPS and on the server side cuts it to a photo sequence.
I don’t know, for example, an application from mappillary that could load regular video from GPS from Gopro. It is necessary to upload the video separately and GPS track.
p.s. google translator :wink:


I was under the impression you could do that with mapillary_tools, the console commands package, might be wrong though
You could also just use the interval shooting mode and rely on built-in fusion gps to write correct exif - less camera load, less heat, more battery