Becoming a Trusted Google Street View Photographer


Hi - this is my first post on this forum and so far I think Mapillary is fantastic!! I used it for the first time yesterday to upload a bunch of Street View 360 pictures I took with my GoPro Fusion. I was very impressed with the speed, accuracy, and degree of easiness of Trailblazer. And now the pictures are on Google Street Views for the world to see. Wicked cool!!

I read that to become a Trust Google Street View Photographer, you need to upload at least 50-360 pictures to Google which meet specified requirements. I uploaded 4,516-360 pictures yesterday so I guess I meet the minimum requirement of 50 lol. And I believe I met the other requirements as well.

Question: What do I do now to become a Trusted Google Street Photographer? Just wait to hear from them? I see under my gmail address, Google has not “awarded” me any points yet either.


Thanks everyone!

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I am satisfied with Mapillary more than Google, including attention to the participants. Wait for the letter - an icon will appear under your nickname. Enough 50 photos. Vandal edits to which the moderators are indifferent + my additions of objects appear frankly in my city…


Are you also uploading your photos to Mapillary, or only Google Street View?

You are welcome to post here but you might have more luck getting Google-specific answers on a Google forum.


Thanks for replying!

I’m just uploading via Mapillary. That’s why I thought it would make more sense to post here but I can check out the Google forums too.


I don’t want to sound rude, but Mapillary is something completely different then Google streetview!

Maybe at the first glance not so much, but that is about it… are you talking about ‘trusted Google Street Photographer’ or about ‘trusted Mapillary Photographer’ (if there is such a thing)

Your 360 images are offcource very welcome on Mapillary! (Me want more of those :wink: )



Most good reason NOT to use google: those pictures are NOT free to use. you gave up your right to use the photo for all kind of usages.
And you get NOTHING in reward, you work for free for google and goolge gets all the money.

In mapillary users can use the pictures for private and commercial use, e.g. description to get to the office or alike.


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