Including Real Estate in Your Google Street View Maps

Hi - is it possible to take pictures of property for sale - the outside of the house and the inside - and to put them on Google Street Views?


i think you might be on the wrong forum :slight_smile:

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The mapillary app isn’t designed to take panoramas to upload onto other services. You can do this with the google street view mobile app.

mapillary is designed for geotagged imagery - you can get a gps signal outside, but will not be able to upload interior pictures

If I replace the part “G…gle Street View” with Mapillary, it does pose an interesting question…:

Is it allowed to place (360) images of the interior of buildings?

Example; We have a historic pub in my village that is going to close down (and will be converted to living space). When I have my 360-camera I will take pictures and do hope I’m allowed to upload them to Mapillary…

They don’t explicitly ban you from uploading interior shots if they are geo-referenced

although I can see how it won’t be very useful for mapillary (can’t really sell pub interiors to researchers/ML trainers).
Maybe wiki commons might be a better place for it?

Quote from your link:

Views (anything noteworthy or interesting about a place)

Good enough for me :slight_smile:

Could be, but I’dd rather have it all in one system…