The White Button?

In the Android version of Mapillary, when you’re taking images in a sequence, there is a white button below the red start/stop button. What’s it for? It doesn’t seem to do anything when I press it… SHOULD I be pressing it…?

Come on Jack, don’t you understand that symbol in manual mode

the clear manual with many pictures to explain everything will help … ( )


well, it is mentioned that that extra button will do something in the manual mode. I guess in the automode it will probably make extra pictures. Never tried to use obscure buttons

It must be “sequence cut”, with scissors the pictogram would be overloaded.
Auto mode starts a new sequence when restarted.

I think many people will never find out where to look to know if the GPS signal is sufficient.

@JackTheRipper hmm, could you share a screenshot?

I have these for auto and manual mode, respectively:

Auto mode, no white button

Manual mode, capture button turns white (different colour to mark that the button is a bit different than in auto mode - you have to press for every photo). Another button (the cut image icon) is added under it to mark the beginning of a new sequence.

@micmin1972 good point with the manual. I will see to it to add visuals.