Feature request: Vibrate the phone when I take a manual picture

I use Mapillary while walking to create images that I can use for OSM.

I don’t want to look at the screen all the time (but on the sidewalk/road… :)), so I tab the “create picture” button blind. I notices, that every now and then I don’t hit the tab-target, so I don’t create an image.

I believe this is, what the native photo app does as well in some use cases.

Feature request: Let the phone vibrate (very) softly, whenever I tab the “create manual picture” button. This way I know, that I hit the right button.

This should happen …

  • on auto-capture mode, when I click the “create a pic now button” (the small one)
  • when I start and stop the auto-capture mode
  • on manual capture mode, whenever I click the main picture button
  • and probably also the “create new scene” button
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