The mysterious phoneuploader? [Solved]

So what’s “phoneuploader”? :slight_smile:
It seems to be a relatively new “user” with ~140 million images: Mapillary .
Most of these seem to be in Russia.

Many if the images are rather low on the quality scale, including literal 50% of the image covered by car dashboard, and even completely black image sequences.

What is that, how is it related to Mapillary, and how does it affect the goals both for quality, and frequency of coverage?


Sounds like on of those mobile apps that’s out there. I’ve seen a couple over the years. Nothing with that may uploads though.

Interesting how you can archive 142.2 Million Pictures and 2,144,170 kilometers since December 25, 2019.

Seems to me that these are being collected by multiple cams and them uploaded by just one user.

Dont see any other explanation, has more pictures than jbthemilker at the top of the leaderboard

The worst part is that there are a lot of “wrong photos” (photos with black images, some table or paper images at home etc.) & “wrong coordinates” (like travelling by aircraft)…
Is there some policy about that in Mapillary? Or ability to filter out some user…

I have another mysterious user.
See his map of contributions. Straight lines around the globe with absolutely misplaced photos…

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@pavolg Thanks for reporting this issue. Wrong geotagged images from this user have been deleted.

We’re also scheduling deletion for inaccurate images from phoneuplaoder. Please share sequence key of any other inaccurate sequences on Mapillary, so we can clean them up.

Report fake users.

@asturksever Do we just keep telling you about bad sequences or images here or do you just want us to report report images via the web interface?

Image - 5508174359257743 - wrong hemisphere maybe?

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@tastrax We’re working on user interface where you will able to request deletion, for now you can keep reporting bad sequences under this post so I can clean up them regularly.

I’ve already requested deletion for this one.

Would Mapillary envision a solution that could geo-locate badly misplaced images if enough correctly geolocated images are available? Perhaps with some manual nudge here or there.
Sometimes GoPro camera has GPS precision issues and throws images hundreds of metres off, settling a bit later. The images are still useful just… badly positioned. Manually fixing them is a massive effort (and that feature seems to be gone anyway).

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Have you found out who phoneuploader is and investigated what their app is doing?

If not, I feel there is a significant chance that these photos are being taken and uploaded to mapillary without the phone owner’s express consent. Why else would there be so many photos from inside people’s houses?

I believe this is some sort of an app, and in-house images are just people testing it and not paying much attention to it.
Mapillary would have to share more detail on what app is that.

I think it maybe a russian “free dashcam” app that people don’t know is uploading also