The mapillary key has become unusable

Mapillary changed the key from alphanumeric to numeric.
Mapillary should have updated the keys in OSM.
Good guy kmpoppe (@ Mapillary Update) did it to solve a problem with the API.
He did not have my consent.
Neither did he have an agreement with Carto or Osmand.
The problem is that he chose to use the short substring key and not the share key.

The result is =

  • No one without a OSM login can see the pictures
  • It is not possible to share the pictures without passing by mapillary
  • It is not possible to use mapillary keys when mobile

This is an example of how OSM works. Every room scientist thinks to know it better than the man who actually works with it daily. People just write without telling who they are and what their experience is.
I told him that he has put the cart before the horse.

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If I understand you correctly then this is solely an OSM issue. Unfortunately, OSM is full of good intentions and bad data imports and bad automatic edits. Well, I guess that’s the price you pay for OpenStreetMap’s no authority policy. So, in this sense you could blame OSM’s extremely anarchist policy for that. But, that’s a debate for another topic.

Anyhow, you can or should contact the OSM admins to revert @kmpoppe’s edits and explain what went wrong. And yeah, I can feel your pain about people who think that good intentions alone justify to overestimate their capabilities and then release their painful good will on others. :frowning_face:

He did not have my consent.

Just FYI: For better or worse, nobody needs your consent on OSM. It is an anarchist consensus driven project.

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