Photo key stil useless

Ellipsis ā†’ photo details - advanced options - + , copies the photo key to the clipboard.
I think this is new.

But I use the mapillary tag for mapping by means of turbo overpass.
And that does not work.
Does anyony know a program that uses that short key ?
It would be silly to want someone to use something that is useless.

By the way, now you can choose an OSM background. This is also new, I think.

The photo key is useful when documenting OSM data like where mapillary photo shows more up to date information compared to satellite imagery or other data sources.

Example of a brand new traffic light in Cantonment, FL, US where both bing and mapbox satellite imagery are out-of-date.

Wiki documentation on the mapillary tag within OSM:

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So you concatenate yourself ? Or am I missing something ?

Missing integration does not mean the key is useless. One can still copy/paste a mapillary key into the Mapillary viewer to view the feature. Now it is a chicken and egg problem: integrations will come if the key is used. So do not wait for integrations to use the key!

Iā€™m writing some scripts using the API, and here photo and sequence ID are very usefull. I too use them for documentation in OSM. I have read there are some specific programs that actually use them.

You understand that I am worried as there are no OSM Mapillary tags in Sweden.