OpenStreetMap : new "mapillary" tag

To all OpenStreetMap contributors around here, I would like to let you know about the “mapillary” key that you can add to any OSM feature :

Some OSM viewers now use this tag, like OpenLevelUp for indoor rendering. Here is an example : Click on items with green circle to view the related Mapillary photo where the said item appears.


You know who also has a mapillary tag? Wikidata:


Thanks for sharing this @LeGrandBlond. Interesting to see the indoor rendering used quite well.

OSM mapillary tag value

Which form of value do you prefer ?

  1. The long string as in
  2. The short one as in

Is started a discussion on the OSM Wiki under “Why substring the url”.

My point of view is that computers can easily conditionally parse an url. It is not human work to select a part of a string, copy it and paste it. At this moment, one would even have to paste back into an url to get an image.

I am surveying the drinking water fountains in Brussels. When ready, I will show the map to all stakeholders. The only way to convince anyone that this is correct is to allow easy access to the Mapillary pictures.
I do not know when a link between OSM and Mapillary will be done. Examples at this moment are Wikidata and Wikipedia.
A 5 seconds query :

In the mean time people are expected to install JOSM with the Tag2Link plugin.
I am not going to change the wiki without some backup of knowing people.
In the mean time I might invent an new mapillary tag key in order not to loose my work and to be able to work.

Definitely use the short tag. Do not repeat yourself, tag only the useful data.

I now have given 100 OSM nodes the tags “mapillary” and “mapillary_url”. I am not a masochist monk. I stop doing such silly computer work. Neither do I see tens of thousands of people doing that millions of times.
It must have been a programmer who came up with the substring value.

If you are still not aware of it, it should be noted here that for quite some time the JOSM Mapillary plugin has had functionality which will allow you to tag a selected OSM object with mapillary=‘ID of current image’ just by pushing a button:

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As far as I know, the official mapillary tag can only be used in Overpass.
Neither does it allow filters, or in picture tags.

Please note that the OSM mapillary tag isn’t any more “official” than any other OSM tag and that anyone can build projects using it.
An interesting example is (click the shops)