The Mapillary key in OSM

I just saw that there is a link button in ID next to the mapillary key.
Since when is it there ?
In Overpass Turbo the simple key also links to an image.

So disappears one of my arguments to use the full or shortened url.

Maybe the full url should still be used when a time filter is required ?

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definitely didn’t notice that before. Is is like the old image tag, but for mapillary?

I requested it recently on the github page:

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Hadn’t noticed either. Very nice!

OSM - Map Layers - Map Data still has nog link with the Mapillary key.
And that is what I want.
And that is why I have not followed the OSM Wiki for five years now.

In Mapillary explorer the Mapillary key is three clicks away and the short url two clicks.

And then there is still the matter of the time filter.

do you mean the osm home page? are you expecting it to handle mapillary tags as valid URLs?
that is unlikely to happen unless someone gets it on the website github

Turbo Overpass also works well with the key. Are there any other programs that (could) use Mapillary images. ?
But in the future, if Mapillary still exists, the date filter will be essential.

A number of services/apps use mapillary images without the mapillary tag, simply by using image position and object position (eg osmand and web)

Please, do follow the wiki. If you think the wiki is wrong, then discuss that in the wiki. If you don’t follow the wiki because the tools you use don’t function as you want them, then the tools need to be updated. But deviating from the wiki just to achieve the desired effect is called “tagging for the renderer” and should be strongly avoided.

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Someone asked for links next to the Mapillary field in the OpenStreetMap property pane but the answer was essentially a big “I can be bothered” / “Mapillary? Who uses that???”:

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