Contributing points of interest, landmark pictures

I came to Mapilary from Panaramio where our focus was on landmark pictures and Points of Interest (POI) pictures. I still seek out old barns, churches, fire houses, cemeteries, statues, county courthouses, uniquely constructed buildings , things you cant miss at intersection ect.
After last weekend’s State of the Map conference in Detroit I now see that these pictures really need to be on the Open Street Msp (OSM).
I’m looking for a way to share these photographs from my gallery on my phone/camera to a venue where they will maybe end up on the OSM.
Perhaps Mapilary is not the answer, or may it is.
How can I get landmark pictures and POIs onto the OSM?

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There is the mapillary tag in OSM. But for every tag, mapillary has to be started again and again. Otherwise Mapillary could not make any money.

e.g. the drinking water fountains in Brussels.

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I have over 10,000 pictures of landmarks and POIs. When I do something I usually do it in a big way.
I’d like to get these pictures of landmarks and POIs on to OSM
I can, by using my lap top, put them, about 60 at a time onto Mapilary.
I’d really like to not have to use the laptop.

10k of pictures is quite a project. You might consider seeing if you could make a meetup to tackle the uploading and tagging as a group.

OSM Page on Photo Linking might be of interest for the options.

Depending on what POI you’ve photographed they could enhance the Wikimedia Commons

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I can do the uploading. Of cause you have to send them to me in some way over the Internet, but I think we can figure something out.
I can then use a bash script to put each image into a separate Mapillary sequence and upload. I have a 100 MBit fiber, so bandwith is no issue.
Of cause, it means I have to get your upload hashes, so you will have to trust me. I don’t know if they can be regenerated in some way.

I cannot help with the tagging. If you create a separate account, you sort of have a complete list and can start from the top. The same thing chould be done by writing a script to download all of your sequences and only taking the ones with 1 image in them. That is too big of a task for me right now.

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Could JB not place them in directiories as bridges, barnes, churches, schools … ?
So when the day comes when it is possible, they could be Mapillary tagged for computer vision.
And so they could be retrieved on a the Mapillary map.

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I look for barns older than I am, churches, fire departments Post Offices, bridges. Cemeteries , one room school houses, courthouses, anything that makes a good landmark. My general rule is I dont take pictures of anything not as old as I am, no recognizable faces, all taken from public land.

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I’ve been copying the pictures to my laptop then uploading them.
I’ve done over a thousand I think so far.
Looking on my phone, the app. Don’t see any evidence that the POI landmark pictures are on Mapilary.
My total has not increased and there is no sign of them on my profile page.
I’m working to put as many as I can on a 128 SD card.

I like that!

These PIO landmark pictures are not sequential. I might drive 5 miles before I find another barn older than I am.
My van is in the shop right now. I have some time to invest in these landmark pictures.
Back in the days of Panaramio/Google Earth I had … well I had more than others on the Google Earth map.

I am copying my POI/landmark pictures on to my laptop and uploading them from there.
I often take a picture of my meal, I do this for Google Maps. I try hard not to select the food/meal pictures for inclusion on Mapilary/OSM.
I see on the laptop that I did include at least one.
Google asks for pictures of the meals served at POI/Restaurants. I dont know what OSM thinks about these meal pictures.
I’d love to be able to delete my mistakes loaded onto Mapilary.

When I upload single pictures I often have to zoom quite close to see them. Mapillary is truely optimized for sequences. That should not prevent you from referencing the images in OSM.

Just to clarify: I live in Denmark. You are very welcomed to send images to me by mail or package and I will upload them all. I have an almost fully automated setup (usign Bash and the Pyton scripts) and lots of bandwidth. Don’t worry about sorting etc. I can automate that quite easily. I just guess it is not cheap sending stuff overseas, but I am also aware of your bandwidth constraints.

I’ve loaded over a thousand landmark/ POI pictures this week
I’d like these pictures to find their was into OSM.
So far I cant view them on “Program” or “Profile.”
The picture count is not going up either. I can’t find any evidence that these nonsequenchal pictures are on Mapilary
Can anyone find them? I’ve loaded a substantial number.