Pics for Mapillary Instagram

Mapillary has an instagram account ( ) they use to get great photo mapping pics out there and encourage others to join in.

Are there any good ones you’ve found that may work well for it?

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This one in downtown Minneapolis may work well

Or Monterrey

Thanks for the great idea! So to be precise, our Instagram account is not active right now, mainly due to the problem that we want to promote great sequences not just single shots… But we use Twitter and Facebook for #MapillaryExplore, which render links. To be a good candidate, the sequence should have good transitions between images, decent image quality, and no bits of car/bike/mount/person showing in the images. And we invite any Facebook or Twitter users to share sequences with the same #MapillaryExplore tag! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve never been a fan of instagram not recognizing a URI for easy clicking.

#mappilaryExplore !

Coming up the peak of the very high Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, Georgia. It’s that high so that large ocean vessels can pass under to get into port. Brunswick, GA is the 2nd highest volume port for automobiles in the US. Over 600,000 were imported there last year.

A little while before reaching the bridge, you can see one of the large RO/ROs ( Roll-On / Roll-Off ) coming into port. It’s owned by Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd , more commonly known as K Line. The vessel probably carries @6,000 automobiles on it.

Cable-stayed bridges are my favorite style of bridge. They’re just so elegant.

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