Style for downloaded data

Anyone can now download map features relatively easily. However, the traffic sign dataset alone contains a huge number of different signs. Is there a place where we can drop styling for QGIS or other software? Or ideally, re-use styling that someone else made before?

I have used the images from here:

And then in QGIS set the marker style to SVG and source as expression (e.g. ‘/home/user/mapillary/’|| feature_value || ‘.svg’). That way all signs get the correct symbology with least effort.

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Awesome, I’ll give it a shot!

I do not know how many people really need this but I would like the Mapillary API to return OpenStreetMap Traffic Sign IDs instead of or alongside the Mapillary proprietary taxonomy. I am aware that one could do this mapping of taxonomy locally and implementing it depends on correct and working jurisdiction boundary data. However, it would be nice to have this effort centralized at Mapillary, since it is the creator of that data. Because currently, using Mapillary to map traffic signs in OSM is a bit tedious. Sure, you can lookup IDs for their corresponding jurisdictions manually but why not let computers do this routine and error prone task?

I think it would be trivial to implement in Mapillary infrastructure or anywhere else with suitable matching tables. However, making those is quite an effort. While most signs can be matched quite easily (e.g. speed limits), others are not so simple. Vienna convention only goes so far.
For example, a sign for zebra crossing ( information--pedestrians-crossing--g1) is set on both sides of street in Estonia. And those signs on left and right have different codes (543 and 544).
But yes, if someone had the time to make those, it would be an awesome dataset.

Of course, things would be even better if Mapillary traffic sign detectors would differentiate between left and right versions of traffic signs. This is certainly doable. The rest is just a mapping between taxonomies. Sure, creating this kind of mapping would indeed be quite some undertaking initially. Nevertheless, I believe that it would pay off quickly, especially for highway authorities who (have to) operate with IDs pertinent to their jurisdictions and often have to maintain inventories in those IDs. And, although creating this mapping may be a daunting task, we should not shy away from it because “Rome has not been built in one day either”. If Mapillary is willing to launch such a project and create a mapping format, I am definitely ready to help out for the jurisdictions I am most familiar with.

The format could be just a simple JSON, something like this:

	"regulatory--maximum-speed-limit-100--g3": {
		"Label": 100,
		"EE": "351",
		"FI": "C32"
		"LV": "323",
		"SE": "C31"

At this point there are 1530 signs in API documentation and 1543 in image repo. Lot of signs are duplicates for different locales (like 10 differrent STOP signs), some apply only to Europe, some only in USA and so on. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to find match for a single sign, so it would take roughly a week to complete one locale. Definitely doable for a motivated person.

Thanks a LOT for the expression for QGIS. We almost gave up to define manually