Improve road signs database?

is there plans to update/improve the database of signs and road markings. I see a lot of road objects and signs being read wrong or just not recognising signs at all. like a information signs being marked as a trash can. also sometimes the signs icon on the map is not in the right area at all. like the map says the stop sign is on the left of the road but it on the right side.

idk i feel like there should be some improvements to the database for that stuff.

also, sometimes it blurs highway signs and road signs.

The database seems quite comprehensive as is, which signs are you missing? Iā€™d imagine it would be impossible to add every possible variation of text info signs to it (plus, there is no useful info that can be easily extracted from these).
Not the right area for detections - this is an issue with the imagery and its coordinates/heading
Blurring - yes, does happen, try reporting the images

true It hard to add all roads signs and objects. but it would be nice if it would not miss label then.
few more example: it label a power meter as a mailbox, the right lane must turn right signs is being labeled as left lane must turn left, park entrance sign being labeled as low shoulder

also for some reason some areas on the map the icons disappeared even tho if i view that images in that area it will still show that those objects are still there(happen a day ago).

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I noticed some school speed signs being recognised as advertisement signs, is there some way to correct this?

Just wondered : seen a screenshot with all traffic signs - not just one particular sign as revealed via the fourth button along the top- : is there a way to enable such a view within the web interface in either Firefox or Edge, please?

no it not possible right not. I think mapillary will need to train the new signs to be recognised by mapillary

is this what your talking about?

it on the top left of the screen in the browser.