Sequence menu does not appear

I want to delete the following sequence.
However, when I select a sequence and click “Edit current sequence”, the sequence menu will not be displayed.
I tried with Firefox and Chrome,but same results.
What can I do to display the menu?


This isn’t a helpful fix, but rather a me-too. I was having exactly the same problem last night not long before you posted this message. Click “Edit current sequence”, and all the extra “stuff” would clear away, the “Exit Editor” button would appear in the upper right, but nothing else would appear. Took me a few tries to see it (and, this was my first upload, so it was massively confusing trying to edit my first sequence and the tools didn’t seem to work. :wink: ).

I have to guess the editor is a chunk of JavaScript that has to be loaded up, so, one possible reason is it wasn’t pulling down from the source. Like you I thought at first it was my local machine, maybe Chrome was just freaking out or something, but since we both had the same problem around the same time last night, I would vote for network problems. But someone from Mapillary should probably chime in with a real answer.

Sorry, that’s not really a helpful answer, but, just know you’re not the only one. :smile:

Thanks for reporting @ianb & @magjp. We’re looking into to it so will hopefully have a fix for you soon.

Seems to be fixed. At least on my side the editing menu is loading.

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