Same day photomapping + OSM mapping event

Has anyone tried to do a photo mapping event, immediately followed by an OSM mapping event? I mean based on the data you collected during the photo mapping of course.
It seems challenging, as you would need very good wifi, and the wait time for the pictures to become available is probably too long.

(I know you could do two events, not one. Just wondering if anyone has thought of creative solutions)

If you first are out taking pictures, you could have lunch when you come back while uploading is being done. It would be a nice way to share anecdotes and bond socially from the experience before you get serious and start mapping.

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Is processing really that quick now? I seem to remember it taking a day or two for new pictures to show up in the ID editor.

Good point, I did not think of processing time, only upload time. But anyway, I rather have Mapillary in a second tab because the window in the ID editor is so small.

after uploading a sequence of 500 pictures with the app, the pictures are visible on the mapillary website as sequence in about 1-2 hours. Depends on the zooming level if I can see ‘really’ see and click on the new pictures. But in de osm id editor, the new pictures are even visible even faster !

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