ReUpload downloaded picture from Mapillary

I regularly have one important good picture followed by hundreds of black pictures, when I use my smartphone.
Deleting hundreds of pictures is not possible in practice because of the bad User Interface.

Is there a way to ReUpload downloaded pictures from Mapillary ?

Re-uploading downloaded pictures isn’t generally recommended because quality is lost in the process. Can I ask why you have black pictures? Is there a way to solve that issue?

Has the smartphone capture manual been actualised ?
I am the most experienced contributor, but I don’t understand what is going on when I capture.

Can you share more? The way that it works is capture starts when you hit the capture button, and ends when you hit it again (like recording a video). It is automatically spaced at 1 image every 3 meters if you’re traveling at low speeds (under 50km/h) and 1 image every 20 meters at high speeds. If you’d like to capture additional images you can enable “allow manual capture” in settings which shows an extra button you can tap to add an additional capture any time.

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