Pictures of milestones

In Flanders, new milestones are being installed on the highways.

I wait for the new milestones to take quality pictures of the highways. There is already enough bad footage of highways.

I just started with this sequence =

I had my Garmin Virb XE on the top right of my car. I drove 86 km/h. You can see that 2 pictures/second is barely enough.

Returning in the evening at 15h30 it was too dark, the milestones were barely readable, so I just uploaded the beginning.

That stretch will probably have to wait for the summer.,2.9304,18/2017.12.21/13:14/1/0

I prefer to take pictures this winter because =

  • the milestones are still tidy
  • they are not overgrown by bushes
  • there are no insects crashing into the camera.

I leave the unblurring to others. The mileages should not have been blurred because the milestones are recognised as traffic sign (front) in Mapillary computer vision.

For flemish readers = I am not often on highways in West-Vlaanderen and Limburg. I would be happy to explain how I do it.

The new sign shows every 100 meters where someone is, with the old signs this was only every kilometer.

Interesting. I hadn’t thought much about these. I know for a long time, maybe since their inception, interstate highways here have had distance markers every 1/10th of a mile.

I don’t understand that milestones and geodetic points are so Cinderellazed in OSM. I would put them as the first points on the map.

In France, the geodetic points are on OSM.