Part SOLVED : A server error occured - and persists, but no cause given

Does any other contirbutor see this message in the webuploader in the new Edge browser, please?
“917 files have been uploaded” , “A server error occured” , “Please try again”
Have tried again, and again, and given it like eight hours and tried from another computer, and with a different browser : would a server error really persist for that long, and not be shown on status.mapillary? The Average image processing time is 7 hours, with the graph showing that it was in the order of 6hrs early this morning, when I first got this message, and is now in the order of 14hrs
What perhaps irks most tis that there is no other option but to try again, not even the option to “just let these fester, I’ll upload a few thousand more, and you can sort the server at your leisure”.
so, for now: does any other contributor experience “A server error occured”?
Looking forward,

Yesterday evening I uploaded several batches of 999 files under Chrome. Before that there was a total failure of Mapillary.
But that did not resolve the desktop upload problem.

But the good news is that it is going to rain next week.

Thank you for confirming that the problem wasn’t confined to my internet connection - had already found that the problem happenend both on the laptop and on the desktop computers.

The web uploader worked well yesterday evening.

This morning the usual upload “Browse” screen was presented, uploaded a batch of 220 pics and was allowed to push the ‘publish’ button. Will see how things go, but looks like the Server Error has been sorted - whether automagically or by hand …

What remains is that there is no option on the Try Again page to elect to “Disregard the errors, process the rest, and we’ll sort whatever caused the error in due course”.

As an afterthought : it would be helpful if the cause were listed on the Try Again page, and there were a way to then remove that cause, but that may be beyond what Mapillary as a user of AWS can accomplish.

The catch was 48.000 pieces today.
I will do 1000 at a time.