Uploading more than 500 photos doesn't work correctly by Mapillary Uploader (Desktop Uploader)

I’m uploading a lot of GEO tagged 360-degree photos using Mapillary Uploader (Desktop Uploader).

However, the uploader causes a malfunction before reaching 500 sheets.
If I retry it, it may be able to proceed.

However, if I get the error “Folder Already Uploaded” when I retry, I can no longer upload photos in that folder by continuing it.
In that case, I will delete all the huge logs, rename the folder and try the upload process again.

If I retry several times, I may be able to upload more than 500 sheets.
After that, it is often going well, but the operation slows down a little every 500 sheets, so I think that special processing is performed every 500 sheets in the server.
Even if the upload process finally reaches the last photo, I might still get the error “Something went wrong”.

Mapillary has a strict check for duplicate uploaded data from this spring, so I think it doesn’t matter how many times I retry it.

Also, since the same time that the check was implemented, there have been many problems such as not being able to see the uploaded photos.

And when it detects duplicate photos, Mapillary will send me emails like this:
“Mapillary images or videos you tried to import failed - duplicate image file(s) detected”
But until Mapillary Uploader can handle more than 500 photos successfully, I’ll put up with these annoying emails.

In the environment I mainly use, the internet line is an optical fiber, and it can be up to 100 Mbps or more, so there is no problem with the line.

Hi, @Richlv
Is this symptom similar to yours in the article below?

I’m using the commandline mapillary_tools.
With them I sometimes see images skipped, without failures being recorded, tools hanging and other issues.
The symptoms seem different from what you are experiencing, though (and it’s a different tool as well).

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Did you download the uploader executable recently, or is it months old? I had a similar issue with 999 photos but the latest version fixed it for me. https://www.mapillary.com/desktop-uploader

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Thank you.
It was a long time ago that I did the download operation.
I will try to download it again.
By the way, do you know how to find out which version of Mapillary Uploader I am currently using?
Or do I have to judge by the date of download to know the version?

Hello, if you go to the .exe file (On Windows: “C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Programs\mapillary-desktop-uploader\Mapillary Uploader.exe”) then rick click it, go to properties, then to details you should see it.

Did you have success?

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Yes, I was able to know the version that way.
Thank you very much.

However, although I was able to upload yesterday, I can’t sign in today.
I don’t think it has anything to do with checking the version of the uploader, but it happened at the same time, so I’ll report it here.


The same symptoms still continue after half a year.

@potaro67v can you download a new version of the upload here: Mapillary cookie policy use

And then report if you are able to upload successfully?

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Thank you for your guidance.
I downloaded and installed the “Mapillary Uploader for Desktop” and uploaded a sequence of 1557 photos.
The upload was successful. Thank you very much.
There was no symptomatology of stopping with 496 photos.
I captured the situation with Video as follows.

Is it the correct operating condition of this app that the upload progress is not displayed?
However, it was the fastest upload work I could think of in my environment, so it’s not a problem that I can’t see the progress during the upload.

The photos uploaded this time are from the following areas.

The image below is a screen capture of the Mapillary screen above.
This shows that the 1557 photos this time were divided into four sequences.

I’m looking forward to seeing these four sequences safely on the map.

In addition, the folder to be uploaded this time is open to the public on Dropbox. The log is also released as it is.
If you need it, see below.

With the new “Mapillary Uploader for Desktop”, when I uploaded a photo that I processed as before, it seems that it was treated as a flat photo as shown below.
Has the processing method on the receiving side changed?

Maybe I haven’t added 360 degree tags to these photos as metadata.
But until now, Mapillary Uploader for Desktop and all the tools for Google Street View have treated all the photos I create as 360-degree photos.
I understand that the new “Mapillary Uploader for Desktop” is no longer the case.

I cabchaped the place where I was browsing the photo.
It seems that the photo uploaded this time was not treated as a 360-degree photo, but as a flat photo.

Below is the URL in Mapillary.

I expect this symptom to be a transient symptom due to these photos still being processed by the Mapillary server.

Can you please attach an example of the original photo here, in JPG or other format?

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Thank you for your suggestion.
You can see all the image data to be uploaded this time and the log file when uploaded with Mapillary Uploader for Desktop by clicking the dropbox URL that was also mentioned in my previous comment.

But those photos are now displayed correctly as 360 degrees now.

The thumbnail of the sequence I uploaded this time was at the top of the Upload tab at the time of the previous report.

However, it is now sorted according to the shooting date information provided in EXIF. This photo was taken in April, so it seems that it has been moved to the lower side of the Upload tab.

I did a screen capture to see what’s going on, including what’s normally displayed on Mapillary Web now. Please see below.

“Planar photography” as I pointed out does not currently exist.

By the way, I made the following hypothesis about this symptom.

(1) The new system is designed to be published on the Web even if the processing in the Mapillary server is not completed so that the uploaded photos can be viewed quickly.
(2) The Mapillary system malfunctioned because the format of the photo I uploaded was incorrect.
(3) This is symptomatology only this time. It will not occur after today.

Is there a correct reason in the above hypothesis that I saw a photo that was mistakenly treated as a flat photo in Mapillary this time?

Thank you, the flat photo converts to 360 after some hours. We now fixed this to not display it as flat ever, and just extend processing until it is 360 then publish. So you are correct in the hypothesis, it will not be treated this way in the future.


I understand from your explanation that this symptom is transient and should resolve in a few hours.
However, even now, about 48 hours after the upload operation, these photos are still displayed as flat photos.
Is there a delay in system operation now?
Or is the system already in a special state to deal with this symptomatology?

@potaro67v It looks to me like they are 360 now. So it was just catching up. Of course it will always vary how long that takes, but going forward you should stop seeing them as flat first, only 360.


Are there options to upload multiple sequences in one time?

It is useless to take time to upload by one seq.in one time! :clock1: :clock3: :clock530: