Overlaying .KMZ/.KML Files in Mapillary.js

Hi, new to Mapillary here, with a background in full stack dev. I am working on a project involving overlaying .kmz files of roadway right of way onto images taken with a 360 degree camera. I see plenty of documentation for working with 3D formats in three.js etc. but nothing about rendering .kmz/.kml files.

In theory, though perhaps not in practice due to imperfections in GPS, this should be simple. This is already possible in Google Earth (not Maps); the .kmz file is displayed over the Google Street View window. My goal is to do the same thing with Mapillary.js but with our own imagery.

I am coming up dry on Google finding ways to do this. Is anyone aware of a way to render linework in .kmz/.kml format over Mapillary.js?