Outdated map on website and in app

Why is the map so old?
Today I took images using the Mapillary app and noticed that this way is barely displayed on the map. Apparently it was a construction; but the construction tag has been removed a year ago. That makes me wonder - how old is the map we see on the website and in the app? And why is it not updated regularly, at least every couple of months?

are you referring to the Mapbox layer? I think it might not be updated often if it is hosted by mapillary.
try switching to osm, see if it pulls osm tiles?

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Oh yeah right, I actually forgot that that is possible to change. The location looks fine on OSM tiles, although they’re very blurry. I’ll still stick to Mapbox though, I can navigate easier on that while driving. I just noticed that it’s very outdated and wondered if there’s a reason behind that.