Mapillary outage?

Since yesterday evening mly does not work any more for me.
It keeps on saying “Mapillary is loading”.
There is no mention on Twitter.
The user interface changed yesterday.

I’ve been going along about like always, haven’t noticed any big change or delays.

I had it on two computers. Now I tried to logout by clicking on myself.
I have the map and the pictures now, but in the right pane there is “Unable to get response from server, please try again”
I had that message regularly these last days.
It surely takes 5 minutes before I get in.

I myself even dissapeared from the upper right corner from the screen. I restarted Chrome and things are back to normal, I hope.
In the mean time, I wrote a very interesting article about the Antwerp drinking water fountain scene.

Is with me also so, Mapillary loads very slowly or not at all temporarily