Optimal camera/recording settings for GoPro Max?

I have noticed that when recording with video, video timelapse, or timewarp, the video uploaded to Mapillary tends to be lower quality at 4096 x 2048, compared to the 5760 x 2880 I got from photo timelapse. I have also noticed that Google Maps seems to have the 5760 x 2800 resolution when recorded on video still.

I did some tests and the links for them are below.

Photo Timelapse

Video Timelapse

Video Timewarp

24 FPS Video

24 FPS Video Google Maps

I would be fine with the photo timelapse but I want the MAX to take more images about twice as frequently than this. I think the video timelapse would be the perfect speed for taking photos but I can’t take photos faster with photo timelapse. Which is what I need help with.

Side by side comparison of 24 FPS video with photo timelapse.

And video timelapse with 24 FPS video.

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Yes, the Gopro Max often does not catch what I want.
But also the photographers tend to follow the road and not indent into public building areas.

Yes, I think the GoPro MAX has slightly lower resolution for video than photo (if you’re seeing higher resolution on Google that might just be upscaling). In general I think the resolution and compression hit is worth it if you are capturing in a very dense area and don’t want to miss the details. Otherwise the video or video timelapse mode provide very nice data and upload time savings.

In general our recommended GoPro MAX settings depend on the speed you’re travelling. See https://help.mapillary.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012674619-GoPro-MAX

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