First sequence with GoPro Max 360

I uploaded my first ever sequence with a GoPro Max 360. You can view it here: Mapillary

But at some points I notice that the image quality is lower than I might want for detailed mapping. It is especially visible at some of the first couple of images.

I followed the setup steps here in this guide: GoPro MAX – Mapillary. Are there some things I possibly could do/change to improve image quality?

The image quality for single images seems to be a lot better: Mapillary

That’s strange, yes, I’m seeing some extreme jpeg compression artifacts like Mapillary - does it look ok in the source video? If you can - can you share that source video?

Yes, how would I be able to share the original video with you?

I shared a dropbox folder with you with the original video in it.

Thank you. I’m seeing the same artifacts on the original .360 video file you shared (screenshot below) - so this is an issue in the original video from GoPro, not on Mapillary. I’m not exactly sure why this problem happened. Do you have the latest GoPro Max firmware installed? Another thing you could try is the experimental firmware which enables bitrate control and increase the bitrate if you see this issue repeatedly.

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It says it’s on 2.bunch of zero’s.

I’m not sure if that’s the latest version, and I didn’t find a way in the quick app to check for updates

Yes, that looks to be the latest version: MAX update page