New Desktop Uploader

Is there a way to know the version ?

The exe file properties should show the version.
Trying to upload something and it’s stuck on 0, so will have to resort to web uploading again.
I am not sure who would use the buggy uploader that also leaves loads of temp files on the drive, instead of the web uploader

The version is 12183, which should be the latest.

With the web uploader I must select and add 5 times the 1000 pictures in the 5 folders.
Or am I wrong in this ?

I was not presented with any errors when uploading 3k+ pictures yesterday. Although I am yet to see them show up.
upd: all 7k of images uploaded successfully with the web uploader, I’ll stick with it

26 december
I am staring at “uploading 0/999” for half an hour now.
This folder does not show up in the history.
Maybe my history is full.

I can upload the Blackvue videos with the desktop uploader.

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December 28, the same thing …

Dec 28. The web uploader gives me only failed uploads.

Dec 28 The web uploader gives me only failed uploads. But the exif gps is surely ok.
The progress bar did not progress.
First I thought it was because I did edits while uploading, but I seem to be not the onely one.

And the desktop uploader still does not work.

There were API errors today.

Same here. I don’t seem to be able to upload a screenshot to the forum either

The android smartphone app uploader still works. So all is not lost. Did anyone email to support about the web uploader ?

I did just today

4004, do you mean one and which of the uploader works ?

I just emailed saying the web uploader is down and attached a console screenshot

Sorry, I just read one message at a time.

On their status webpage it seems they observed the issue:

Identified - We’ve identified the API errors and are now working on fixing them.
Dec 29, 11:10 CET

all issues are now marked as resolved, yet uploads still fail.
bad timing with NYE

same here. uploads still fail. Not so good fix, team

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seems to have been fixed, yay. Happy NY everyone

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Sorry about the poor timing here, everyone. We still have a few things left to fix with mapillary_tools and the desktop uploader and are working on them now. Happy New Year!

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2 Januari 2020
The android and the web uploader work.
The desktop uploader does not work.
And the results are quick.

Mapillary status : everything is resolved since 30 december 2019.
But that is just for the shareholders. Or it takes days for a solution to take effect.

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