My first picture on my profile page seems to be stuck



As you can see from these two screen shots the first picture on my profile page seems to be stuck. I have posted nearly 100,000 pictures between the two screen shots.This sequence that is stuck there is where I start out many days.
I was just wondering if others have one picture stuck as the first on their profile page.


Mine is working fine, I can see the sequences I did today (using version 3.27).

Try swiping down to do a manual refresh and see if it changes.


By swiping down for a manual refresh, I get fresh numbers, but I still get that picture of the Mount Gileal monument as my first sequence.


I just noticed that the stuck sequence was taken on Aril 26th. It has been stuck for a while now.


@JBTheMilker By any chance, has the other material you have uploaded meanwhile been taken earlier than the one that is “stuck”? Your profile displays sequences by time of capture, not time of upload. However, if this is not the case, we need to look into why it’s stuck.


I upload 24/7. I need to always keep deleting one to make room for another.
No the 100,000+ pictures I’ve uploaded since this one stuck were not taken prior to the image of the Mount Gilead monument that has been stuck on top of my profile page since April 26th.


Some things never change.

A half million pictures since the first screen shot and that one picture from where I eat breakfast is still right there on top of my profile page.
Anyone else have a similar problem?


yes, I have (had) similar problems. It took 4 months before the first image was disappeared and the chronologic order was correct. And recently I had the same issue with another sequence image that is stuck at first position.


Just a quick update. I know you are all wondering.
Since the 4rth of July my entire profile page has been stuck.
The last date is the 4th.
No newer pictures show on my profile page even though I posted over a quarter million pictures since then.


Looks like this image is in the future.

Does this one get stuck too?