Multiple phones?


I know you can use a phone plus multiple cameras but what about multiple phones? I tried this but couldn’t see an option in the app for this. I have an iPhone Xr and iPhone 5S, both with Mapillary app.


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I always try to record with several camera/phones. I run 4 S7 s and two S8 s as well as the Waylens camera. I figure if I am footing the gas bill, and this can be hefty, I want to cover roads as completely as possible on one pass each direction

I point my teo front facing Mapillary csmers at each gutter. Hoping to capture curbs and signs on both shoulders of any road I gather along.

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Hey @gmc. That’s completely fine-- they will nto work in tandem (speak to each other) but you can absolutely use multiple phones at the same time, as @JBTheMilker mentioned!

I do not remember if my Garmin Glo external GPS can connect to several smartphones. I think it can (bluetooth).

it does yea. ive connected 2 phones to it at the same time but i think i remember reading somewhere that you could connect it to more. why do you mention that?

Is eight nog the bluetooth standard of connected devices ?
If the smartphones at are the same place, it is nice when they are reported on the same place.

yea its nice to have things relatively neat if youre using them for osm mapping, but some people like the jackson pollock effect too

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