Mounts for a car?

My new SUV is higher but its front is also higher. The windshield has only 30 degrees inclination.
I tried RAM and GOPRO contraptions but the horizon remains too low. Or the suction cup is in the picture.
Now I think to use adhesive mounts. But there again, there are several possibilities. But even that would still show a portion of the car. And I can forget about the wide angle view.
For special occasions I could put the camera on the roof of the car.
Is there a solution ? I don’t think so.

Wouldn’t it be better if you put the mounts outside the car? (then you wouldn’t have windshield reflections either. And more light in general)

My solution is to cut away the unwanted portion using the program xnconvert (XnConvert · Batch Image Converter | Image convert |
I use 3 actions:

  1. image > crop - to crop the area that I want
  2. image > resize - to resize to the resolution I want
  3. map > adjust - to adjust the brightness

To determine the crop parameters, the Windows program JPEGCrops (JPEGCrops) can help.

To camouflage the chrome lines in the dashboard, I use

It makes them shiny black.
And it can be wiped out.
I am waiting for the results.