Mapillary mount useless

The free Mapillary mount I received is useless, when I stick it on my car windscreen it can only point downwards showing lots of the car bonnet! Maybe in a high end sports car the windscreen angle would be correct but I can’t image this working in any other car.

This needs to be improved as it’s just a waste sending these out if they are not fit for purpose. I’m surprised no-one else seems to have noticed this. I’ve found an old Garmin mount with a few rubber bands works perfectly :thumbsup:

Maybe you mounted the wrong-way? I used the mly mount a couple of weeks ago with a rented car traveling with friends (I don’t drive) and it worked OK.

I’ve taken more than 100K pictures with my free mount, it works like a charm!

Trick for me is to put it on the dashboard, as close to the windscreen as possible and then let the mount cover the fron face of the phone.

No complaints from my side.

the mount leg is angled. insert your device in a detached mount, rotate the mount peg without attaching it and see which position is the best for you. doing so, you can point camera in nearly any direction

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Oh my. I also totally misunderstood how to use the mount. A 1 pager of instructions would help. Mount on the glass wind-shield, obviously, maybe. The adhesive on the suction cup alarmed my husband…

Or, offer alternative mounting strategies so that the mount could be used in more than one vehicle.

It is still useful to have a simple mount and I expect we can adjust it so that it is useful.

Believe it or not, their mount has been the best one I’ve used.

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Glad to hear that as opposed to the negative experiences that some people have had! I don’t actually think that some users are better in using a bike mount than others, which leads me to suspect that the quality of those mounts may just be fluctuating with some being sturdier and some crappier, even though it’s been the same model and producer… However, we just ordered a bunch of samples of different mounts and will try them out. In addition to increased stability we’d also love for them to be better with vibrations in terms of photo quality as well… Fingers crossed that there is something better to be found!

Also if anyone has tips then you’re more than welcome to share!

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I thought this topic was about the car mount (which works fine for me). I think for bikes, with a handlebar mount you’re always going to have vibration issues. I may try a chest harness at some point, utilizing the human body’s vibration damping…

@vgXhc my bad! Indeed this thread revolves around the car mounts. I guess I’ve been so preoccupied with the bike mount situation and the challenge for us to find a better one that I got a bit blind and just mixed it in here. Sorry :slight_smile:
However, good point with what you said about using the human body as suspension.

I received my free car mount today. Unfortunately I do not succeed to find a position where foot of the mount is not in the field of view of the camera. Could anybody post a picture of a working car mount setup using the mount from Mapillary?

It is a very simple mount, but works well when you turn it correctly and put it very high on your windshield. You have to try some positions while rotating the suction cup.

I’d sure like a second car mount.
I find the one you sent is better than any I’ve tried. Can I get a second one? I’ll post more pictures with two!
(It took me a bit to figure out how to get the angle I needed, it took some experimenting.)

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@micmin1972: Your setup confirms my experience. To get the mount out of the view angle of the camera you have to clamp the phone as far as possible from the lens. Depending on the size of the phone and the position of the lens this may succeed or not. With a 3.8" display there is no way, with a 5" display it depends on the position of the lens.

Using a mount with a longer arm is not a solution as this results in more vibrations.

I have given up using the smartphone on my bicycle steer.
But I discovered that Joby has better mounts since the last time I visited their website.

In the interest of having a 2nd mount, I picked up a few from Amazon. This one seems to do a pretty good job.

JackTheRipper said…
“In the interest of having a 2nd mount, I picked up a few from Amazon. This one seems to do a pretty good job”"

Can you both see the screen and take pictures?
I’m looking for a better mount for my “left ear” camera. The one I’m using from I can’t recommend. The jaws that hold the phone/camera don’t hold well. I’d like a better one.
The one Mapillary sent is my best. I’d like another.

Yes. Why wouldn’t I be able to?

This one seems to hold my S7 pretty well. I’m not fond of the release button, but that’s my only real complaint, and it’s a pretty minor complaint. The part I like best about it is it’s very easy to remove from my windshield, which means I’m going to be doing a lot more forward-and-side simultaneous sequences (using the Mapillary-supplied mount for forward, since it sticks strongly to my windshield, and this one for the side since I can move it easily).

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I’ll get one, for all the reasons you mentioned.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for all the replies and sorry for not replying for so long!

In the end I tried to force it and it snapped in two! :sob: Not sure why but seems like the one I received was different from the one in @micmin1972 's photo as there was no way of getting the angle right.