Is there a list of suggested car mount systems?

Dear all,
I would like to buy a mount for my car. Is there some list? Do you have some advice for me?

Thank you

I really like the mount the Mapillary will send you for free.
The advantages are,
It stays securely stuck to the inside of your windshield, tight enough so pulling off and putting on the camera in a hurry to take phone calls doesn’t
upset the mount.
Being inside the vehicle means no bugs or rain drops on the lens. You also have access to the camera to turn off, or reset or what have you. Being inside means no effects from wind when driving highway speed.
I really like the price.
I run two now, one straight ahead and the other aimed off to t he left.
Having two cameras in my windshield does limit my visabilty some.
I’m still experimenting.

Is it in Amazon? Could you send me the URL?

Thank you

Someone (maybe someone from the team) help me out here. Where on the forums do we go to get a mount, or did I see it on the app itself?
I can’t put my finger on it today.

You have to write an email to (see this page for more info)

or use this Google Docs page (I’m not sure if it is still supported)

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Thanks @doktorpixel14 for sharing this links! Both are valid and up-to-date. Use the google form to order a mount for yourself, and write to support if you are planning an event and would like to ask for some more goodies.


I used my Mapillary car mount in several cars and always reinstalling it. It was OK, but during this winter I broke the plastic “head” when trying to set the tightened holder. OK, my fault…
I don’t want to be always a requestor of a new one, and also using 3 cars, so I decided to buy a holder.
And there comes a problem. I tried some chinese shops with cheap phone accessory, but was not successful to find the same mount as mapillary offers.
Is there anybody, who was able to find it? Because paying 20-50 euro for the same cheap mount is creepy.

It must be somewhere mass produced, aliexpress is offering something very similar for 3 euro with the same red mounting system…

And a gadget using probably the same suction system…

In worst case, I can combine them to have a regular mapillary mount :-)))

I have a Mapillary mount, but the sticky suction pad melted in the sun so it keeps falling off now. I have to add a little string to the rear vision mirror to take the weight. I only kept it on the windscreen when taking photos. Obviously the New Zealand sun is too strong for the plastic.

The suction pads tend to melt after a while - even in northern Europe. One possible solution is to use holder which are attached to the rear view mirror. However, these tend to amplify all vibrations, so not really good for video.

Ditto on the melting mapillary supplied car mount, also in NZ. Still trying to get the greasy remnants off the inside of my screen. Can’t imagine it being usable long term in an actual hot climate - Auckland maxes out at 30 degrees.