Missing imagery from November 2020

According to the website, all of the imagery that I have uploaded (using mapillary_tools.exe) has now been processed. However, I still have hundreds of pictures that I have uploaded that have not appeared on the map yet - e.g. some from 18/11/2020 that I uploaded on 21/11/2020. The desktop uploader says it won’t upload them again because they have already been uploaded. I could try forcing them using mapillary_tools, but I don’t want to create duplicates if they are still in a queue somewhere. I think there are probably other images that have not appeared yet.

Is there some other view of the number of pending images, or have all my pending images been thrown away to clear the queue?

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Same issue here. It was quite a lot of imagery too

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In the absence of any response from Mapillary, I’m reuploading everything since mid-September, relying on Mapillary’s deduplication mechanisms to prevent duplicate images.

& "$($ENV:USERPROFILE)\AppData\Roaming\Mapillary Uploader\mapillary_tools" process_and_upload --advanced --import_path $Dir --user_name jpennycook --number_threads 16 --rerun --verbose 2> "$($ENV:TEMP)\err.log"