Mapillary Upload API?

Hi everyone,

I want to build a Mapillary web app to POST sequences of 360’s (along with some other functionality).

I know Mapillary has an API to GET images (, but I want to upload sequences for which I cannot find any docs.

I know Mapillary tools exist to upload images from the command line ( and looking into the code seems to take advantage of upload endpoints.

My question being; is there publicly documented API endpoints for sequence/image uploads?


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Great, maybe YOU can investigate why the desktop uploader stalls.
I hear nothing from Mapillary.

For what ti’s worth, I couldn’t find one awhile back. I feel like I saw something about there being one though.

You may want to check the mapillary_tools source code: it’s pure Python so the API they use to upload the pictures should be there for anyone to see.

Thanks @fgouget .

I was wondering if any of this was documented, but I guess it is semi-private for now.

I’ll take a look at the mapillary_tools code base and see if I can get it working and will share anything I develop here. Stay tuned…

Mapillary team – I know it must be a busy time for you with the FB announcement. Congratulations. My question being; are there plans to change the API? I am about to invest time in building a product around it in the coming weeks and want to make sure things are not going to disappear overnight.