Upload Images through API

Hello !

I looked for a project to capture and upload images (and sequeces) with an Raspberry Pi or similar PC. I didn’t find any good projects.
That’s why I thought I will write my own (And put it into OpenSource)
Im the JAVA guy and cause of that I’ll do it in JAVA.
GPS and Webcam support is already built and now I’m looking how to upload the Images to Mapillary. I only find the CommandlineTools. The API is not for Upload but only Download - Or am I wrong?
Is there any existing JAVA API or API Docs how to upload Images? Can anybody point me into the rigth direction? I don’t want to use the Commandlinetools. And in Linux I cannot use the Desktop uploder.

Last I looked at the API it wasn’t clear to me that images could be uploaded using it.

Maybe a dekstop tool could be used for getting pics ready, moving them to a mapillary uploaded folder and kicking off the scripts from there?

The Program should run as Service. User Interface via HTML Website. So it can run on a headless Raspberry Zero without display. I could use the Mapillary Commandline Clients if nothing other will work. But any direct mechanism from the Program would be better.
My goal is to make a better way than using somthing to record and then move the data to a different PC to upload it. It should be a out of the Box feeling like an Android App

Do not forget that not all pictures are fit for publication.

Right. Minimum Resolution. Doubles should be avoided. Should be no Problem. Thanx. I’ll put it on my list.

I think filip means you always have to do a manual check before uploading. Mostly first and last minute of capturing images during a trip are useless or private (your starting point at home for example)

Thanks for clarifying. I normally use the Android App. There is nothing regarding this. But I could make Manual private Zones where nothing ist recorded. Or a minimal constant Speed to start. These are great Inputs.

I mean e.g. nudity, the inside of garages, private family scenes.

Is it normal for Mapillary mappers to be running around nude people with their camera(s)??!?!??!

Did this project work? I would like to make a similar solution for my self driving fleet.

Thanks for the Interest. Still finalizing the JAVA-API. Tried to find someone who is interested in helping me but no echo so far.
I’m working in my spare time, so I’ll finish the API first and then slowly move to the whole system.
Crazy but working Idea: I want a wearable version on my bike helmet.

Finally I managed to work with the API v3 and did some Python3 code. I am using it currently in production, but it is not so end-user friendly:

Just a heads up, I know Mapillary are working on v4 of the API @moenk and will be ageing out v3 in the next year.