Mapillary stops uploading due to network dsconnect, Android


I am using Mapillalary on my OnePlus One (Android 6.0.1), uploading on wifi only and I keep getting messages that the upload is stopped because of no network every few hours and thus I have to restart the upload manually, my best guess is that this is because of some powersaving function in Android.

Does anyone know of a way to let Mapillary keep the wifi going while I am sleeping or atleast keep in on all the time while uploading and charging?


On my Honor 7 I can tell the system not to kill a app for power reason.

@mojmoj - if it is because of some power function then see e.g. if the instructions here help:

Hi and thank you for your answers.
It seems there is some bugs in my Android version regarding battery so it looks like I can’t adjust these things right now, will have too see if there will be an update.
If not I am getting fibre this summer anyways so the uploads should get +50 times faster anyway as long as Mapillary can handle it so I am probably not going to investigate the issue that much more.
Hopefully it can help others in the same situation though.


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