Mapillary site breaks page history

Clicking on Mapillary links seems to do some evil stuff with the browser history - for example, clicking any of the links at breaks history and makes it impossible to go back to the note. This is extremely inconvenient when working with OSM notes and similar resources.

What’s going on there, how could this be fixed?

Open a tab/page or separate instance would solve that operationally, or right click new tab/window then close on completion.

However for me your example just creates two history record, so two back button presses are needed to come back to the OSM page. ie it worked fine for me (firefox-esr 102.10 Under Debian 10 XFCE)

Yeah, I do often open stuff in new tabs, but sometimes I want to take a quick look, knowing that I won’t branch that browsing…
Firefox 112.0.2 on a Mac.