Add OSM notes/bugs from within Mapillary

Mapillary has buttons to edit OSM using either iD or JOSM. This is really great, but sometimes these editors are just too “heavy” to quickly go though a sequence and push changes to OSM.

It would be nice if it was possible to post OSM “notes”, without ever leaving the Mapillary interface. That way I can quickly mark missing streams, artwork, bus stops and whatever. It’s a bit like the traffic sign detection, but then completely manually and open for any object.

Good suggestion @pbb
Similar to this issue. We should look into it again.

Yes very similar, and I think both could be integrated in the same new feature.

There is a big problem with notes. A note management system is needed. I look at the notes for Brussels. Being a very bad mapper, I cannot help usually. If possible, I take pictures.
But I must resolve many notes for their old age. And many notes are not real notes. And anyway, hardly any mapper (except Jaka sometimes) really solves one. I must “resolve” the others to be able to see the new ones.

Looking at Brussels, I don’t think the situation is any bad? Only 5 open notes, and they seem relevant. The oldest one is 6 months old, that is not very old either.

Because I am the notes curator. philippec on OSM as I already presented myself.
Maybe you know what “Ying-Yang” is ? is probably a bug in OSM could already have been solved by the author shows the many silly notes I resolved or “resolved”.

Notes are toO easy. Their quality is low. Even competent makers leave work for others.
Details are mapped, while mistakes in roads are left unattended.

According to google streetview it is a chinese? restuarant. I think the opening hours are in the osm note

Please add :smile:
So that I know that you know.

But the point is that the quality of the note does not merit help.

The whole point of the notes is that they are easy to add, so that even people who don’t know how to edit the map, can contribute. And then you do get some that are not clear or not specific enough. Just close those without giving more attention to it. If they are from a registered user, you can ask for more info, and there is no answer within some time, then those can also just be closed.

But some of them contain useful information, and that is worth much.