Map data - License

In this article : Global access to map data with the Mapillary API - The Mapillary Blog, it is specified that : « Mapillary’s map data is now available for free, globally, to everyone. »
What is the license for this data? I can’t find the answer.

For the images, the license is displayed :, « All images on Mapillary are shared under a CC-BY-SA license »


Please, see Terms of Use, sections 3 and 12.

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Thanks @GITNE well pointed out.

@datawax Also I’d recommend you to check section 11 “11. Additional Terms for Developers

Thank you for your answers.

I had read the Terms of Use but it is not very clear to me.
I am a GIS specialist and if I participate in the project, can I download the datas with this script to integrate them into my public institution’s database and if so what license applies?

I need clarification on this point.