Licensing issues for using Mapillary images on Wikimedia Commons


I want to know if I can copy Mapillary individual images of water fountains to wikimedia commons ? I don’t have specific plans, but just wanted to know if it was possible.

I am not sure how to interpret :

Image license
Images on Mapillary are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

If it is ok, what should be entered in the author field for attribution in Wikimedia commons ?



there was a tool to directly import mapillary images to commons, so there shouldn’t be licensing issues.

Just to clarify - that tool has been broken for a while, due to CSP enforcement

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ok. Thank you. Who should I put as the author for attribution ? Mapillary or the person who took the photo ?

Also, does the CC BY-SA 4.0 allow image cropping before submission to wikimedia commons ?

Yes it does. In a CC license you’ve got “BY” for attribution, “SA” for share under the same license, “NC” for non-commercial use only and “ND” for no derived works. So “CC BY-SA” means you must include attribution and must share under the same license, you may use it commercially and you may include it in a new work (a cropped image is a new work that is derived from the original).

For license put “CC BY-SA 4.0”, and for attribution at the every least put “username at”, and optionally the date/year and a link back to the original.

Very clear. Thank you.

“Title" by “username” , licensed under CC-BY-SA.

All pictures in Flanders and Brussels have disappeared. At least my Mapillary pictures.

Hi filipc,

Thank you very much for noticing this ! I changed some code this afternoon as part of our phase 2 launch to add cafes and bars which offer free water as part of our refill program and somehow deleted a couple of lines of code for Mapillary image inclusion.

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I thought it was a licensing issue.
I could talk for hours about drinking water fountains.

Hi filipc,

It’s good to know its not just me :slight_smile: I can also talk about drinking water fountains for hours !

If you have any ideas of how we can collect more Mapillary images of drinking water fountains and link them to OSM nodes and ways please let me know.

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I am not sure why you’ve decided on going the long and complicated route of linking wikimedia images. Needs a lot of user input and is just a faff.
I thought mapillary offered functionality to show images with the heading towards specified coordinates (like osmand and mapsme webs do)

Hello 4004,

You are correct. In general, copying an image to wikimedia commons makes very little sense. But I have seen a couple random shots of fountains which might merit being linked to a wikidata item -hence the question

In general, the best seems to add the Mapillary image_key directly to the OSM node or way.

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The other scenario which might merit copying to wikimedia commons is if an image needs to be cropped and recentered to fit purpose … agree this is unlikely … but better to know before infringing on any license requirements