[bugreport] Image author info unavailable in the new API

According to Photo contributor username is no longer displayed, user filter doesn't work. · Issue #181 · JOSM/Mapillary · GitHub and #21002 (Mapillary plugin: image date/time and author missing) – JOSM , image contributor username is not available in the new API - and thus unavailable to data consumers like JOSM.

This is extremely limiting in some scenarios, where I would like to filter for, or filter out images by some user (myself or somebody else). In other cases, knowing the contributor allows to know what to expect quality/coverage wise.

Could this please be brought back soon?


Heya Mapillary team, any thoughts here?
Getting it back would be very helpful for the OSM plugin authors, otherwise they have to rework things constantly :slight_smile:

Dates are also important in order to know if new pictures must be taken.

Copyright information too! I was very surprised to find the IPTC information in the JPEGs almost empty only containing some unreadable binary “Special instructions”.
Isn’t the copyright information required to fulfill the Mapillary Terms of Use especially 3b CC BY-SA and CC BY-NC-SA?