API: accessing metadata available in the web interface but not documented in the API (contributor and equipment) and calculating the field of view

I’d like to retrieve the two following pieces of information for images through the API. Both are available in the web interface, but do not appear in the API Documentation (V4):

  • Contributor (Captured by)
  • Device used / camera model (Captured with)

Does someone know whether that is possible (but for some reason not documented)?

On a related note, I am looking to calculate the field of view (in degrees) of an image. There are two relevant fields supported by the API:

camera_parameters - array of float, focal length, k1, k2. See OpenSfM for details.
camera_type - enum, type of camera projection: “perspective”, “fisheye”, “equirectangular” (or equivalently “spherical”)

But none gives the precise field of view (except in general whether it’s panoramic or not). The focal length appears to be in mm of the device (e.g. for one, I have seen the value of 0.85), from which I understand it is not possible to calculate the field of view in degrees. If the information on the camera model is available (first part of my question), it could help, but nowadays some devices like the recent iPhones have multiple cameras so it won’t be always unambiguous.

I haven’t used previous versions of the API so I don’t know if these fields have been supported before.

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